How to Manifest Your Crush on Paper

Love is one of the most important things that everyone wants in life. Waking up every morning knowing that there is someone that loves you unconditionally really does feel amazing, doesn’t it ? But not everyone is fortunate enough to have love and that is really sad. It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love, it’s … Read more

Can You Manifest on Your Phone ? (Answered!)

Writing your affirmations, goals or desires in a manifestation journal or a paper is a very common practice that the majority of people follow to manifest their desire. In this era, where everything is done digitally from writing the thesis for a college project to messaging people, it is natural to wonder whether you can … Read more

How To Manifest a Boyfriend (in 5 Simple Steps)

Did you know you can actually manifest the boyfriend of your dreams by using the right methods of Law of Attraction? Yes, it is indeed possible. The Law of Attraction states that we attract events based on our thoughts, feelings, and energies, so if you have positive energy you attract outcomes or events that are … Read more