How To Make Someone Dream About You (in 7 Steps)

Want to know how you make someone dream about you ?

Here is how you do it.

You make someone dream about you by planting yourself in their mind and make them constantly think of you by manifesting.

And in this article ,we are going to tell you exactly how to make him/her dream about you in 7 simple steps.

How to Make Someone Dream About You in (7 Simple Steps)

Step 1: Believe it will Work

The first and the absolute most important step in manifesting someone to dream about you is you to completely have faith in the technique you’re going to follow from the get go.

It is completely normal to be skeptical about this, but the thing you need to understand about manifestation is that you attract things based on your feelings, beliefs and thoughts.

So if you think of this as a waste of time and be doubtful, then the universe will give you exactly that.

If you manifest something without even believing in it you are bound to fail. You have to be optimistic and truly feel the emotions.

Your limiting thoughts are the main villain that keep you from achieving what you want, it is very important that you battle these thoughts before you even start manifesting.

Some of the common limiting thoughts are as follows:

  • I’m unapproachable
  • I’m unattractive
  • She/He doesn’t like me
  • Why would He/She dream about me 
  • LOA won’t work for me.

You have to turn these emotions into positive ones with affirmations which we are going to tell you in detail in another step.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Mental Health is Good 

If anything that is important in our life is our mental health. Make sure you are in a good place mentally before you start to manifest anything.

As you already know, according to the law of attraction “We attract events that match with our energy/vibrations”.

If your manifestation is backed by negative vibrations, such as desperation, loneliness etc. Your manifestation will most likely fail.

So take your time, do things that make you happy, make sure you are mentally fit before starting your manifestation exercise.

Step 3: Be clear of who and why you want to manifest them to dream about you.

The next step is to be clear about who you want to manifest and why and write it down in your journal or phone.

There could be a number of reasons why you want someone to think about you and it is important to figure out that exact “why”.

If you are not sure what and why you want it, the universe might not be able to give you what you want.

The universe wants you to be specific and clear.

And make sure you do not have a selfish or desperate reason for wanting this person to dream about you.

Your intentions matter when you do this.

Step 4: Visualize Them Texting or Telling You That They Had a Dream About You.

Visualization is one the best methods in helping you feel happy emotions and battling pessimistic thoughts.

In this exercise, you have to imagine this said person texting you and telling you that they dreamt about you.

You have to imagine this scenario in your mind, and think of how good it makes you feel, when you do this it will make you happy and that’s exactly what you need for this manifestation to work.

The more happy vibrations you emit the more likely it will work for you.

And it is normal for your limiting thoughts to kick in during the process, all you have to do is raise your visualization and completely believe this is happening.

For this exercise you need to find a quiet place in your house and completely get lost in the thought and feel the emotions.

Step 5: Say the affirmation to make them think about you.

The fifth step in making some dream about you is to affirm that person to think of you constantly. 

Affirmation is another powerful tool for combating self-limiting thoughts and/or the manifestation process. They are remarks or phrases that are used to counter negative ideas.

Here are some affirmations you can say out loud to make someone dream about you:

  • “I want [name] to think about me constantly”
  • “I want [name] to think about me obsessively”
  • “I want [name] to go crazy thinking about me, it just doesn’t stop for them. I am the main focus on their mind”

Saying these affirmations may make you laugh or blush, but that’s exactly what is needed. 

Affirmations should make you feel positive emotions so that you can achieve the thing you want.

Just believe in them and say it out loud.

Step 6: Set an intention to dream of that person 

In this step you have set an intention that you dream of that person. Yes you have to dream of your person first so that they dream of you as well.

Before you go to bed, set an intention that you wanna dream about them then say:

“Universe, when I dream of them, I want them to dream about me too”.

This will help you to be connected with that person, in most cases you wouldn’t even have to say these things because oftentimes we already are so connected that when you set the intention to dream about someone they are most likely also going to dream about you.

Even if they don’t dream of you the same night it could be that the timing is different for them and they end up dreaming about you the next night.

Step 7: Trust the universe and go to sleep

The final step in making your crush dream about you is to trust the universe and let go. We often get obsessed with getting the desired outcome, and that’s where we fail.

The rule is to not be obsessed with the outcome to trust it is going to happen no matter what. Desperate energies will hinder your process of manifestation.

You have to trust that you are powerful and so is the universe. You will eventually get all the things you actually wanted.

Things you should know about making/manifesting someone to dream about you 


Patience is really important when you want to manifest something, it is natural to be frustrated and be disheartened if you don’t get your desired outcome but that is exactly what you should never do.

You have to be patient and trust yourself and the great power of the universe. 

It is not necessary that the person you wanted to dream of you will do that the same night, it may also take a couple days or weeks for that to happen.

The person has dreamt of you but isn’t telling you

There is a high chance that the person you wanted actually dreamt of you that night but is shy to tell you about it.

So if he/she doesn’t tell you or text you doesn’t mean you have failed.

Don’t use affirmations for just the sake of it

It is so important that you feel and believe in the affirmations, don’t do it for just the sake of it.

If you are not in a good mood, it take your time, focus on your mental health and then when you are in a good place start manifesting

Keep your intentions pure

Your intentions shouldn’t not be selfish or to hurt the other person rather they should benefit you both.

FAQs about making someone dream about you

How to make sure you dream about someone ?

To make sure you dream about someone you have to visualize that person being with you before you sleep, think about how happy it makes you feel if the person is not physically there, and follow the steps of manifestation.

How to make someone see you in their dreams ?

You can make someone see you in their dreams by planting yourself in their mind by using the techniques of manifestation.

Final Thoughts

So this is how you make someone dream about you and go crazy over you. The key is to be patient and not be desperate. 

And have faith within yourself and the universe, eventually you will get the things that you desired.

Happy Manifesting!

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