How to Manifest Clear Skin (in 5 Simple Steps)

If you want to know how to manifest clear skin so you’ve come to the right place. 

Have you been trying different methods to clear your screen but you still failed?

People use manifestation for many things. Some people use it to attract a loving relationship (boyfriend or girlfriend) , some do it to get materialistic things like a new phone or a house.

We have the power to attract anything in this world. We just have to follow the right steps to do that.

The law of attraction states that we attract things or events according to our thoughts and feelings so in order to attract good events in your life you have to wire your brain in such a way that you bring only positive things.

We can use manifestation for anything we want in our life, literally anything you just have to believe in yourself and the process that you’re going to follow and then things will fall into place eventually.

In this article we’re going to talk about exactly that and help you manifest clear skin for you.

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How to manifest a clear skin

Step 1: Remove limiting thoughts

Before you want to start manifesting anything you have to remove all the limiting thoughts that can hinder your process in manifesting your desire.

Because as mentioned earlier the law of attraction works based on your feelings and your thoughts so if you start manifesting with a negative mindset you might only attract negative events and you don’t want that so in order to get positive events you will have to think positively.

For example, if you want clear skin but are constantly focused on how acne-ridden your skin is, then that’s what you’ll continue to attract. However, if you focus on how wonderful it is to have clear skin and imagine yourself with clear skin in all situations, then that’s what will manifest.

Some examples of limiting thoughts could be as follows

  •   I don’t think manifestation is going to work
  •  My skin is beyond repairing
  •  I’m so ugly.

Some of you may want to get clear skin because you are being bullied or you feel insecure because of it.

You don’t have to feel you’re worthless just because you don’t have clear skin. You don’t have to be desperate to get us clear skin because these are all the things that will create a negative aura and your manifestation will most likely fail.

Step 2: Be specific of What You Want and Write it Down

Before you can manifest a new goal, you have to first make sure it’s something that you actually want. 

It’s not enough to think about manifesting a clear skin—you need to write down your requirements and the specific benefits of what you would love to have. 

For example, if your manifestation is clear skin, take a pen and paper and write down the things that will help with clear skin (such as air purifiers), or perhaps the exact kinds of skincare products you want (such as organic coconut oil).

Be specific so that every time you look in the mirror, it will remind you of why this manifestation is important to you.

You have to feel that you really want a clear skin and you can get a clear skin without any self doubt

Step 3: Visualize having a clear skin

The next is to visualize having a clear skin and how that makes you feel, when you visualize you will have to almost believe that you have a clear skin.

Think about all the compliments you are getting for your clear skin. The main purpose for visualization is to increase your positive vibrations.

When you feel good you will emit positive energies and vibrations, that’s exactly what is needed for your manifestation to work.

To follow this visualization exercise, first find a place where you are free from all the distraction and noises, and then start visualizing your clear skin and then.

Step 4: Recite Positive affirmations 

The next to manifesting a clear skin is to recite positive affirmations, this also helps in boosting your positive vibration.

You can use affirmations while visualizing your manifestation. This is just saying stuff like “I have clear skin” or “My skin is great,” over and over again in order to create an imprint of clear skin in your mind’s eye, or you use these affirmations throughout the day to yourself.

Try to create affirmations yourself because no one knows you better than yourself and your circumstances, it is necessary that you resonate with your affirmations sooner or later.

Step 5: Surrender your desire and let the universe do its work 

The universe is constantly working to give you what you want so have trust in the power of the universe.

The more you dwell on your desire to have clear skin, the more desperate you seem and it is not good for your mental health either.

Instead of being so fixated on manifesting a clear skin you channel that obsession over other things that would actually help you make you a better person.

Just be patient and persistent, don’t be sad and dejected if you don’t get the outcome you were expecting soon enough.

One day or the other your manifestation will work.

FAQ about how to manifest clear skin

How long does it take to manifest clear skin ?

There is no way to tell how long it will take, because it depends on a lot of factors, like how bad is your skin, how properly you are following the routine and how consistent you are, but you need to keep patience and not lose hope.

How to manifest clear skin using the 369 method ?

Manifesting clear skin using the 369 method is quite different to the traditional manifestation  techniques. In this method you have to write down the affirmations for clear skin three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening for 30 days or as long as you want until you get the desired result.


This is everything you need to know about manifesting a clear skin.It’s crucial to believe that you can in fact manifest your skin goals. 

It’s important to remember that if you don’t believe in something, you can’t manifest it. 

This is why knowing how to manifest clear skin requires more than just wanting what you want—you need to truly believe that it’s possible.

Believe you are worthy of creating what you desire. If there are any doubts or hesitations around these beliefs, then start with reprogramming yourself around those ideas first before diving into the steps on how to manifest clear skin.

If you have any questions regarding this you can comment down below. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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