How to Manifest Your Crush on Paper

Love is one of the most important things that everyone wants in life.

Waking up every morning knowing that there is someone that loves you unconditionally really does feel amazing, doesn’t it ?

But not everyone is fortunate enough to have love and that is really sad.

It doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love, it’s just unconsciously you have been avoiding it so far without you even knowing it.

People have been using the law of attraction to manifest so many things in life like money, job, health or love.

And it is really easy if you do it right. 

You can use this very same method to manifest your crush, boyfriend or girlfriend or even your ex.

How to manifest your crush to like you back

STEP 1: Learn to Love Yourself

how to manifest your crush on paper

This might sound really cliche, but you need to love yourself first before you even decide to get into a relationship.

When you don’t love yourself you will depend on the other person for your happiness, you would want validation from your partner every time, which will eventually become really toxic for you and your partner as well and you will end up ruining a good relationship.

I made that mistake too. I was really insecure about the way I looked and really put my ex on a pedestal.

I would never believe no matter how much my ex said she loved me. 

This is because I didn’t love myself. I couldn’t believe it was possible for someone to love someone like me and I ruined a perfect relationship.

So, the first step before you manifest your crush is to love yourself as you are.

I know this is easier said than done but you gotta do it.

Wear clothes that you love and you think you will look good in, start working out anything that would make you feel pretty.

STEP 2: Clarify Why You Want to Manifest Your and Feel it.

how to manifest your crush on paper

The universe loves details so it is really necessary to be clear about what you want to manifest.

Take a pen and write down who you want to manifest and believe that you will manifest him/her.

Write about what qualities do you like about this person and are there things that are not likable or could be huge red flags.

This will help you figure out whether you really want to manifest this crush of yours or not.

The strong feeling of achieving your desire is much more important than why you want that desire.

The law of attraction literally states that you attract things that align with your vibrations, energies etc. 

STEP 3: Visualize your crush being with you

The next step is to start visualizing yourself being with your crush or you’re in a relationship with this person. 

Start experiencing the feeling that would come being with your crush and live in that state.

Visualization is a powerful method that will help with increasing your vibrations and make you feel like you already have what you are trying to manifest.

This also makes you feel less desperate because you have already achieved your desire mentally and it is just a matter of time till you get them in real life.

To do this exercise you will need a quiet place where there is no noise and you are all by yourself.

and then sit down and take a deep breath, calm yourself, listen to subliminal, 

and start visualizing.

By the end of this exercise you will feel much happier and optimistic.

STEP 4: Battle your limiting thoughts and recite positive affirmations.

Reciting positive affirmations to yourself is a great way to increase your vibrations and energies and help tackle your limiting thoughts.

It is normal for people to feel to be doubtful about their ability to manifest and that’s completely okay.

The most common reason why one would feel that is maybe they think their crush is out of their league, that’s what you shouldn’t feel.

You don’t have to put them on a pedestal, think of them as equals who you can easily achieve.

Some of the positive affirmations to manifest crush are as follows:

  • I will attract my crush a start a loving relationship
  • I love myself
  • My crush is attracted to me 
  • My loves me the way I am 

These are just some examples, I would suggest you come up with your own affirmations that you could relate to.

STEP 5: Surrender your desire to the universe 

The last and most important step manifesting is to surrender your desire to the universe and focus on other things that are important.

This is where most people fail because it’s a human tendency to want things quickly, manifestation takes for some people if it doesn’t quickly, don’t get frustrated.

Dwelling and becoming obsessed with manifesting your crush will have a negative effect.

The universe is powerful and it is always listening to you and is working every second to give you what you want.

Don’t stress yourself over this, just have faith and believe and eventually sooner or later your desires will come to reality.

Things you know about manifesting your crush 

1) Don’t solely depend on manifestation

This might sound ironic considering what you have read so far but solely depending on manifestation without doing the real work most likely fails. You can manifest being rich if you just lay around doing nothing all day. You have to put in the real work, along with manifestation.

2) Believe that you can manifest

The key to successful manifestation is your belief and how much you think it possible for you to manifest your crush into falling in love with you. If you start your manifestation with a cynical mindset about everything, you will hinder your manifestation. The more you put your trust in the universe the better your outcome will be.

3) Start eat healthy and work out

Working and eating healthy will not rejuvenate skin inside out and make you look younger and more attractive. It also helps in boosting the serotonin which is necessary which will also help your manifestation to work successfully.

4) It doesn’t matter if script on your notebook or phone

A lot of people get confused whether they should script on their phone or notebook, there is a detailed article written on the same topic. To put it shortly, it doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable you use either of those,

5) Talk to your crush 

Well, you can talk to your crush if you would like to, it is not really necessary because you can already manifest your crush to talk to you instead, but if you could create a good impression on your crush the chances of manifesting them could likely increase.

6) It is okay if you can’t manifest your crush quickly 

As a beginner it may not be possible for you to manifest as quickly but it doesn’t mean you should stop it, be patient and keep following the process till you get your desire. If you have done everything properly you won’t even feel the need to manifest your crush because you are already together with your crush in your subconscious mind.

FAQs on how to manifest your crush

How to manifest your crush into liking you ?

To manifest your crush into liking first choose a manifestation method like 369 etc, and then take a paper write why and want to manifest your crush, write of the good and bad if the good outweighs the bad then you can forward with your manifestation, and visualize your crush liking you  or asking you on a date, recite positive affirmation and the lastly surrender you desire.

How to manifest your crush to be obsessed with you ?

To manifest your crush to be obsessed with you you need to visualize your crush being obsessed with you, think about the things your crush would say to you and feel the emotions and experience, and then recite positive affirmations to make crush obsessed with you and then finally let go of your desires and let the universe do its magic.

How to manifest your crush while you are sleeping ?

To manifest your crush while sleeping, you have to visualize your crush being with you right while you are in your bed trying to sleep. Think about all the things your crush would say to you and things you would do to him, almost try convincing yourself that you are already in a relationship with him and then recite affirmations to manifest him, and lastly leave to the universe.

Well, it is not always possible to manifest something overnight for a beginner, because it depends on a lot of factors like how well you are following the process, how big your desires are, what kind of circumstances you are in etc.

How to manifest your crush to talk to you ?

Do the following steps to manifest your crush to talk to you, clarify why you want your crush to talk to you, visualize you crush talking to you, recite affirmations for the same and then let go the desire leaving to the universe to do its job and focusing on other thing that are important.

How to manifest your crush by writing on a paper ?

To manifest your crush writing on a paper you have to first clarify why you want to your crush, and then take out a paper write everything that’s on your mind about this person and why want this person in your life, how would it change your life what all the things you would do together once you are in a relationship etc, write affirmations on the paper, and then leave the rest to the power of the universe.

How to manifest your crush to dream about you ?

There is a detailed article about how to manifest someone to dream about you, so in order to do that you have to visualize this person before going to sleep and recite affirmations for him to dream about you. You may fail at your first try but keep on doing it till you perfect this technique.


This is everything you needed to know about how to manifest your crush into liking or to fall in love with you.

As mentioned earlier you have to first love yourself before you start this process for you to have a long lasting relationship with this person.

Don’t obsess over your crush everyday, don’t put them on a pedestal, think of them as your equal matter how much it seems that they are out of your league.

You are the best, don’t belittle yourself for something as petty as looks, looks don’t matter in the long run if your personality matters as cliche as it sounds.

Believe in yourself and have faith in the universe and carry on with your life you will eventually manifest your crush.

If you have any query regarding this you can comment down below. I will try to reply to you as soon as I can.

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