Law of Assumption : What is it and How to Use It ?

Law of Assumption is one of the universal laws which is quite similar to Law of Attraction.

So what actually is the law of assumption ? Is it better than the law of attraction ? Does it work ? How to use it in your every single day life.

That’s what we are going to talk about in this post.

The law of assumption was discovered by Neville Goddard, and according to him, whatever we assume to be true it becomes our reality.

For example if you think you are unattractive, then that’s what will become your reality.

So in order to change things in your life you will have to first change your mindset, assumptions and your beliefs about certain things.

So the key to successful manifestation using the law of assumption is to assume something if it has already happened.

Law of Assumption vs Law of Attraction 

The law of assumption and the law of attraction both have so much in common but one thing, which is that there is no concept of god in, the law of attraction, everything you see in your life is the creation of your subconscious mind and nothing exists outside of you.

The law of assumption states that all you have to do is expect things to exist, and they will. 

If you want to manifest a new phone and assume that you already will have one don’t think about how and but just believe you will, and it will eventually happen.

The law of attraction is more like a magnetic effect, in which you use your emotions to attract the things you desire in life. Like energy attracts like energy, as the saying goes.

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How to Apply Law of Assumption to Manifest Your Desire 

Just like the Law of Attraction you can use the Law of Assumption to manifest any desire you have from a relationship, to matetilistic things in your life.

STEP 1: Be clear about what you want to manifest

law of assumption

The first step to manifest your desire is to be crystal clear about what you want to manifest, because if you are not clear then you will manifest something wrong and you don’t want that.

So, take a notebook or journal and write down everything you want to desire and why you want that, what would be the benefits of it and is it even worth manifesting for ?

The more clear you are about your desire the better you will be able to manifest it. For example if you want a boyfriend, mention what kind of person you want, what features would he have etc.

STEP 2: Shut your limiting thoughts and have faith in your desire.

The second step is to shut your limiting thoughts that would hinder your manifestation. As it was mentioned earlier that if you give in to your limiting thoughts like “I’m a loser, this won’t work, I can’t attract anything” that what your reality will become.

Have faith in yourself because it is you who is going to make your reality. Do things that would make you happy, like hanging out with your friends, listening to music or podcasts that would boost up energy.

Be optimistic about your life and believe that you can achieve anything you desire and you will make it true no matter how many hardships you will face.

STEP 3: Assume your that your goals will be achieved

The third step is to have faith assume that your goal will be achieved don’t about how you are going to do it, just assume that you will and think about how would it feel like having that desired fulfilled.

So for example if you wanted a new phone, then assume as if you already have that very phone in your hand, believe that you will get that phone you always dreamt of even though it is not physically there with you yet.

As the Law of assumption says that what you assume to be true turns into reality.

If you can create this feeling in your head it means that you have already achieved your desire internally, it is just a matter of time till you actually achieve it in reality as well.

We often get scared and intimidated because we are not sure how we are going to achieve our goals and we make ourselves believe that the goal is unattainable and that’s where we do things wrong.

You don’t have to think about what and how you are going to do, just feel it inside that no matter what you will achieve that desire.

STEP 4: Recite Positive Affirmations

Reciting positive affirmations helps you rewire your brain and makes you less pessimistic about your life and desire.

When you recite these affirmations you have completely believed in them, don’t recite them just for the sake of it.

Some of the example of positive affirmations are below 

Law of Assumption Affirmations 

  • I can manifest anything and everything I desire
  • My desire are valid
  • I am creator of my own reality
  • I will succeed at what I am doing
  • Negatives energies don’t affect me 
  • I will get my dream car

These are some of the examples, you can come up with your own affirmations according to your desire, because no one knows your life and your circumstances better than you.

Things You Need to Know About Law of Assumption 

Law of assumption won’t work, if you just procrastinate.

Well this may sound contradictory, but the law of assumption is not some kind of magic which will help you even if you just lay around doing nothing in your life. 

You can’t expect to be rich just by assuming you are and not putting any actual effort into becoming rich. It doesn’t work that way,

Law of assumption teaches you to change your subconscious into being an optimistic person, if you follow LOA along with actually putting in the work you will succeed.

Start with smaller goals

Don’t start with bigger goals like having a house, being rich etc as a beginner start with smaller goals like passing an exam with an A or getting etc.

Because they are easier to achieve as a beginner and you gain experience you start with bigger goals.

Being discouraged is fine

Most of the time we get discouraged because we don’t know how we’re going to do something if you do not know how you will get to that mansion in LA and that Red Ferrari or whatever, that’s okay, that’s completely okay.

Just stick to visualizing that end goal and what you want and that feeling right now because guess what that feeling will both consciously and unconsciously manifest circumstances in your life that will create that bridge between your current and your desired reality.

Patience is the key

It is important that you have to be patient in order to achieve you desire successfully, no matter how long it take and no matter how many hardships you face if you have a faith you will get your goal then it will surely happen.

FAQ about Law of Assumption

How do you assume the law of assumption?

You must act as if you have already achieved what you want to use the law of assumption. The more clearly you can visualize an experience, the more you will be able to access that desire. Physical manifestation of your desire is secondary and a mirror of what you will experience.

How to affirm the law of assumption ?

To affirm the law of assumption you need to believe that you are the creator of your reality and affirm positive things and be optimistic about the things you want to achieve in your life and act as if your wishes have already come true.

Is the law of assumption real ?

Yes, the law of assumption is real, the key to successful manifestation is a positive mindset and a non-cynical attitude, if you start you manifestation with doubting yourself and everything then it will be hard for your manifest your desired outcome, but that doesn’t you will not put in the effort in things that actually required to get to your desired goal.

Is using the law of assumption a sin ?

No, manifesting using the law of assumption is not a sin unless you are using it for a good faith and not to harm anyone. It is a very common doubt among the people but as humans we are constantly manifesting our reality without even us realizing.

Is the law of assumption dangerous ?

The law of assumption is not necessarily dangerous unless you are wishing for something evil. The people with intrusive thoughts may have some hard time with manifestations which possibly cause mental health issues, because for every bad outcome you would blame yourself.


So this is everything you need to know about the law of assumption, just keep in mind that you are the one who creates your reality, so you also have the power to alter it.

As humans we have this power that none of the other living creatures have, so make good use of the power of your subconscious mind.

Just have faith that somehow it will happen you don’t have to know how yet and that’s okay that’s completely fine you might be struggling right now your business might be struggling you might have been stuck at the same revenue level for the past three years and you don’t know how you’re going to get past it.

Just be patient. It’s going to happen. You just need to be patient. That’s number one, assume that the goal will somehow be achieved and we don’t care how it will be achieved. 

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to comment down below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Happy Manifesting!

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